Customized Bag Accessories Lock Fingerprint Lock FL-B6S

Embedded Fingerprint accessories lock, keyless fingerprint access control, quickly one second to identify your fingerprint.Smart lock support 10 fingerprints access sharing . It can be customized for bag handbag, luggage,backpack .

  • [ Finger is the Key ]:

    Fingerprint lock, fingerprint can lock and unlock, faster and convenient. Don’t worry that the key is copied or the password is cracked.
  • [ Easy Operation ]:

    Stores 10 fingerprints, which are directly managed within the smart lock. No computer/smartphone is needed.
  • [ Automatic Recognition Technology ]:

    When embedded lock is in empty status,any finger is key.After administrator account is set ,only registered finger is key.
  • [ Lightweight Embedded Lock]:

    It’s very lightweight,just 50g.
  • [ 1 Second Unlock ]:

    Quick-recognition technology, embedded lock support to quickly 1s to identify your fingerprint.
  • [ Enhanced Security ]:

    High quality zinc-alloy and ABS and PC material and high-tech fingerprint technology enhanced security.

FL-B6S Customized Bag Lock Embedded  Fingerprint lock

embedded fingerprint lock

Product Features:

  • Smart Fingerprint Lock: Biometric fingerprint recognition  to lock/unlock, faster and more accurate
  • Large Memory Capacity: Support 10 fingerprints storage to shared with family/friends/colleagues
  • Experiential Unlocking: When the fingerprint lock is in empty status,any finger is key. After the administrator account is set ,it is private
  • 1 Second Unlock: Quick-recognition fingerprint lock support to 1s identify your fingerprint 
  • Buil-in Design:  Professional bag handbag built-in accessories lock , provide faster and safer experience
  • Enhanced Security: Hi-tech fingerprint recognition embedded lock with high quality material 

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Q1. Does your embedded fingerprint lock need key and passwords?

A: Our embedded fingerprint lock without keys or password ,just your finger is key.

Q2. How many fingerprints the embedded lock can be registered?

A:The smart fingerprint lock can stores 10 fingerprints, including 1 administrator account and 9 user accounts.

Q3. What is the weight of your smart embedded fingerprint lock?

A: Fingerprint bag lock is very light,just 50g weight.

Q4.: Does the indicator have any reminder?
A: Yes, fingerprint lock has low voltage,lock & unlock remind function.

Q5:Where can the embedded lock be used?

A: The embedded fingerprint lock is very suit for bag ,handbag,backpack .

Q6: Do you offer quality guarantee about fingerprint lock?

A: Yes, we offer 1 year warranty to our products.

Q7: Can I customized embedded fingerprint lock for my own bag?

A: Yes, Walsun is a professional OEM/ODM fingerprint solution provider ,you can customized specialized embedded fingerprint lock .