FIPILOCK Was In The Spotlight Again


FIPILOCK Was In The Spotlight Again

August 6th to 9th is the time of Shenzhen Baoan Industrial Development Expo.Although due to the epidemic,there are still many people coming to the exhibition.Of course, our FIPILOCK will also keep pace with it. We will go straight to the exhibition hall with our many innovative products.

Walsun has been doing innovative consumer electronics products.During this time, the company has been exploring and developing many new products, including fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint backpacks, ,fingerprint U lock,fingerprint suitcase and so on...


In recent years, although the number of buyers participating in the exhibition has decreased, FIPILOCK's every exhibition is the focus of the whole exhibition and there are countless visitors.



Every FIPILOCK exhibition is not immune to being interviewed.Here is an interview with our founder:Liu Aitian



Next, we have a new product launched in this exhibition,the smart fingerprint women's shoulder bag


A High-tech smart fingerprint women's shoulder bag, which combines technical fingerprints with traditional bags. The fingerprint unlocking function can prevent children from rummaging bags, security and fashion. Different from traditional unlocking passwords, fingerprint unlocking is more convenient, higher-end, safer, and more anti-theft without worrying about passwords.


The more interesting moment came, which was the live broadcast of our FIPILOCK lady (live broadcast e-commerce festival).


If you need know more,Click the link below to watch the live playback:

We are constantly exploring, developing new products and innovating, so that we can enjoy the present achievements.

The growth of Walsun is obvious to all.

We will continue to go better and better on the road of innovation in the future!