What are the FIPILOCK products?


What are the FIPILOCK products?Lock, Padlock, Accessories Lock ...... 

Yes! Today I will introduce you  the current FIPILOCK product line.
Up to now, the FIPILOCK brand of Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has launched three series of fingerprint lock products: fingerprint padlock series, U-lock series, embedded fingerprint series. Every time, when new products are released, people will always be curious,what innovations have been brought about by this time? Innovation has become an important focus of attracting consumers. In the year that is coming to an end, what innovations have been brought by Walsun, we will go back and have a look.

1、Fingerprint Padlock Series

If you want to say the first innovation, the fingerprint padlock that was born in the development of Walsun, FL-S1 is a deserved representative. The S1 transforms the small padlock from a consumer entertainment product that is entertaining to a stylish and lightweight utility technology product.

This is based on the original design of the borderless design, and the upgrade of small fingerprints to large fingerprints, whether it is fingerprint acquisition or fingerprint matching speed is significantly improved. The touch of the finger is more experienced. 

fingerprint padlock
As the mini version of S5 (described later), its innovation is designed according to the customer experience: "When the finger touches the fingerprint touchscreen, the lock beam will pop open in seconds."

smart door lock

The shape design of the P4 has been slightly modified, and the external silicone button design has been abandoned. The one-piece case also makes the lock body more beautiful. Another highlight of the P4 is its material, which is made of ABS+PC. The lock body is lighter and smaller, and the net weight of the lock body is only 30g. 

bag lock
Compared to the traditional old-fashioned door lock, the S5 is a brand new upgrade. It uses a matte spray process technology, and the texture is not lost. With the humanized fingerprint and key dual system settings (fast and secure fingerprint entry, and key emergency), it has become one of the consumers' favorite products.

fingerprint door lock

2、Customizable Embedded Fingerprint Series

FL-B1 Series - Jewelry Box Solution
B1 is an embedded fingerprint lock configuration mainly used in  such as jewelry boxes. Of course, you can customize your unique box for youself.

embedded fingerprint lock
The FL-J1 fingerprint jewelry box is a new fixed product derived from the fingerprint lock FL-B1 of the "embedded jewelry box customization scheme". The fingerprint lock + jewelry cabinet solution, unique jewelry storage, both fashion and security attributes. Create a light, stylish, lightweight technology fingerprint lock jewelry box.

fingerprint jewelry box

Zipper luggage package FL-B2 series
B2 belongs to the zipper bag customization scheme, and the zippered luggage and bag can be embedded.

embedded luggage lock
Custom package solution FL-B6 series

embedded bag lock
The company has been focusing on the development and production of fingerprint locks, and provides embedded fingerprint solutions for customers to meet a variety of fingerprint customization needs. I have to mention two products in the FL-B6 embedded fingerprint lock category, namely the v1 hand bag and the V2 backpack.
Strictly speaking, V1 is not an innovation in the industry, but for the FIPILOCK fingerprint lock itself, it is a brand new innovative product, and began to combine fingerprint locks with other products. This fingerprint unlocks the hand bag, which also enhances the privacy of the property while maintaining the high-end atmosphere. 

men's handbag
Different from the closed structure of the traditional backpack, the FL-v2 smart backpack has a multi-functional open design. The short-distance travel can be used as a shoulder bag. The hidden back storage sling can also be transformed into a business handbag. The most important thing is the side of the backpack. A fingerprint reader is provided to verify identity and open the backpack. Even if you put it in a memory card with important files, you can ensure its security. In addition, it also has a built-in USB charging interface that can be connected to the matching smart mobile device to ensure that all items are under the control of the fingerprint package. 

fingerprint backpack lock
Customized cabinet solution FL-B7 series

luggage lock
As a separate embedded fingerprint lock configuration, the B7 is suitable for use with different luggage compartments. We can provide professional embedded fingerprint solutions. 
T1 comes from the box customization scheme: the combination of fingerprint lock FL-B7+ cabinet is customized, which leads to the new customized product - T1 fingerprint suitcase. Different from the traditional zipper luggage and password lock luggage, the luggage box really ushered in the 3.0 era of smart luggage - fingerprint luggage, use fingers to verify the opening of the luggage, in the case of ensuring the safety of property and goods, bring the journey life Easy and convenient.

fingerprint  luggage  lock
3、FL-U Lock Series

Compared with the traditional U-lock, FIPILOCK fingerprint U-lock, the intimate point is that it combines two security guard systems: fingerprint verification and spare key. In addition, the separate structure design: one pulls open, and one locks. Simplifies the unlocking step and saves travel time with high efficiency. Fingerprint U-lock series are also divided into U9/U9PLUS, U10 and other models.

bicycle lockmotorcycle lock

                                                             FL-U9/FL-U9Plus                                                                         FL-U10

Looking back, Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has developed so many products, the  listed above is only a part of products, FIPILOCK's new products are also in the corresponding research and development preparations, I believe that will soon meet with you. We are all looking forward to them.