A Unique Storage Box With Fingerprint


With the maturity of fingerprint technology, fingerprint applications are becoming more and more extensive, such as mobile phones, door locks, fingerprint padlocks, fingerprint notebook,fingerprint U disk and so on, many aspects of life opened fingerprint applications. Many automotive brands have exclusive refitting or customization studios, such as AMG, etc. Recently I saw a well-known license plate online and a new design of a storage box.

fingerprint locker lock

This storage box, like Fipilock fingerprint padlock, opens with fingerprint recognition technology. Unlike the flexible and versatile of Fipilock fingerprint padlock,  It is built into storage boxes.But its intelligence, convenience and safety are obvious.  You can put the important and value items into the storage box. The reason is that no car has yet done so, because now the car is generally used in the central lock, or the key with a wireless chip, to achieve keyless lock and unlock the car, and the door is locked, the car is necessary to set up a lock locker? I think it is necessary. After all, the car windows were smashed and things stolen in the car happened quite a lot. With such a fingerprint locker, the security will be even higher.

Maybe we will use more fingerprint products in our life. What do you expect?