Choose A Safety Bike Lock ? FL-U9 U Fingerprint Lock Is Coming!


Now bicycles are still the main means of transport of many students and workers .But cause of  the bicycle thieives is very rampant, and the problem of bike anti-theft has become the biggest worry for the bikefamily. What kind of anti-theft lock can be used to ensure the safety of the car?So how to choose a safety lock for our bike is a very important question .

What kind of locks do you like to choose for your bike/bicycle? Is built-in Bike lock?Steel cable lock? Or other? First ,when you buy a bike, take built-in lock for a example,you usually has a lock installed into bike. This self-provisioned bicycle lock has a very simple structure, is fixed in the bike, even if there is no key, you can open it with just a few clicks, or even remove the entire lock is also very easy. So the built-in bike lock is very unsafe.

Besides built-in lock, cable lock (or soft lock),the so-called soft lock is the cable lock, its role is mainly to assist the fixed lock. If you have to park your bike on the side of the road, this kind of lock can help you to lock the bike with some fixtures on the side of the road, like big trees, lampposts, poles, etc. The structure of the soft lock is more complex than that of the fixed lock, and most of them are cross-locked. On the surface it is both solid and flexible and convenient to use, but for the thief, there is no lock that is more easily destroyed than this. No matter how thick the cable looks, you can easily cut the cable with special scissors.

The u type lock is the most used lock. As long as it is not a inferior lock, its degree of firmness is much higher than that of a chain lock. And a bad lock can be opened easily with bare hands for two seconds,the U type lock is divide into fixed at one point and fixed at two points, that is, whether or not the U and the word can be separated. The weakness of a fixed U type lock is the intersection of the U-character and the word. The hinge structure will inevitably cause insufficient thickness and can be cut by the pliers. The two-point fixed U type lock has good anti-theft performance and the stolen rate is very low.

Considering market needs and customer preferences, a new model FL-U9 lock fingerprint lock ,which is about to be launched by Fipilock. The newest U lock will use hi-tech fingerprint technology, it will be configured the fingerprint and  spare key dual-open mode. Of course, the lock is also support 10 sets fingerprints ,which you can share with the needed people through fingerprint access control.

U lock fingerprint lock

The Smart  U type FL-U9 fingerprint lock is not just for your bike/bicycle, motorcycle, mountain bike ..., but also can be used as smart fingerprint door lock for protect office glass door or store doors. For you, efficient operation, save your time, for theft, this lock is of good quality and high anti-theft factor. Let you have no worries!

u fingerprint bike lock