Customized Embedded Fingerprint Luggage Lock


When traveling, most people like to bring a suitcase to place clothing, computers, and even valuable items such as jewelry. Password luggage is the most common in life. This really brings great convenience and certain security guarantees to people. However, the complex operation and the feature that the password is easily forgotten, and it is also very distressing.

So, how do you open your suitcase without remembering your password? The uncovered secret luggage guide on the website will tell you the answer.

It was said that a woman traveled out in early July and she encountered a trouble :forgot the password of the suitcase. After trying many times without solution, she  searched a quick unlock news in her mobile Internet, and this method quickly unlocked the password. How do her do that? The first was to flip the three rollers on the code lock. When you see the grooves at the bottom of the roller edge facing yourself, write down the number shown by the roller, then add or subtract 3 or 5 or 8 at the same time, and the cipher lock can be opened. Do you still think that the luggage with built-in password is safe and convenient?

Ordinary embedded code lock, poor security, easy to damage the case of luggage, ordinary external password lock, is unsafe.With the development of fingerprint technology ,the luggage is getting more and more upscale, now the luggage has no keys or password, they are called fingerprint lock luggage . For the luggage. Fipilock launched the embedded fingerprint luggage lock .Without complex operations and passwords, all operations will be controlled by fingerprints. In this case, at low cost, you will have a safer luggage with smart fingerprint open. 

Friends who like international travel or business trips do not have to worry,TSA locks in R&D will also be launched soon.

embedded fingerprint lock

Installed Fingerprint Luggage Lock

Of course ,you can customized  embedded fingerprint lock with your unique style.If you are interested in the embedded luggage fingerprint lock , welcome to reference the custom case from our customer.