Fingerprint Jewelry Box Best Fashion Christmas Gift


A friend repeatedly complained, "I have a lot of jewelry and no place to put it. The jewelry boxes that come with them are too ugly and different in size. What are the recommended and practical jewelry box?" "My jewelry has forgotten to be put there, so I don't know if I lost it someday." It seems that everyone is confused: I bought so many beautiful jewelry, but there is no place to put it. Therefore, we also need to prepare a comfortable "home" for the favorite jewelry. Below I will introduce you a smart and fashion, a jewelry box that every woman must have.

jewelry case

The surprise and unique is, it has fingerprint and keys two opening methods.This jewelry box with built-in high-end fingerprint lock, you can free feel to open your box with your fingerprints.Of course, key lock is also essential. In a word,you can always opening the box in any ways on your demands.

Compared with traditional jewelry boxes, modern jewelry boxes are lighter and more practical. The materials are mostly leather, PU leather, brocade, flannel and other light and fashionable materials, so the appearance is more fresh and simple. Fipilock fingerprint jewelry box is also simple and stylish design,large volume, large capacity, including many small compartments, ring gaskets, ear nail fixed pads, Bracelet pads and other multi-functional structure, can accommodate a variety of jewelry, and self-contained mirror, easy to dress.In terms of material,wood products are always the most rustic taste, and the least likely to be dropped by the fashion trend. The fingerprint jewelry box is made of high quality wood,in addition to this,selected leather, beautiful, more wearable and practical.

jewelry box

Don't look at the jewelry box is just a small object, it is almost a girl's thoughts about dreams, pick a suitable jewelry box,not only can you help you store jewelry,It also allows you to enjoy a refined and romantic life. How can such a stylish Christmas gift not be placed in a shopping cart?