Fingerprint Technology Warms Your Life

In this hot summer, let FIPILOCK bring a little coolness!
In this hot summer, you must be tormented: its bad socket design always takes you a little time to try out the positioning of the keys, and only one carelessness can cause a little anxiety and chagrin.

After that, you frowned at the watch on your wrist and started a busy day's work.


Once upon a time, people were accustomed to the experience of key locking. As time went on, the unlocked fingers had some magical connection with the lock body. The founders of WALSUN captured this connection from finger prints and keys, creating a unique sensory feast of fingers and locks. The moment the finger touches the lock, the gears begin to turn, the lock beam opens, and the sound of the whistle sounds pleasant.

u shape fingerprint bike lock


It is said that technology is cold, there is no temperature, and often some Internet complaints that technology products hinder people's closeness, resulting in the indifference of people.

smart padlock

However, as you can see, intelligent technology has been quietly accompanying you, caring for you, trying to make you comfortable, reassuring, helpless at work, at least in life for you to minimize the trouble. It wants you to have a more comfortable, more convenient and more textured life.
fingerprint door lock

They create pleasures you never imagined through biometrics, erase your deep-seated worries through new interactions, and create indescribable comforts through human details.

fingerprint lock

Like those great technology products, FIPILOCK has been watching the user's feelings carefully. It strives to be a smart technology product for you with human details.