Fipilock Record Of Cebit Exhibition

Today is the fourth day of CeBIT in Hannover, Germany in 2018. In exhibition period, there will gather together companies and groups from different parts of the world, from different countries and regions ,fully feeling the new creativity brought by technological innovation. Today let’s follow our to learn  these creative dreamers .

When you see the position  and the logo of the exhibition,you will be eager to unveil its mysterious veil . You will see that so many people are intertwined,different styles,different products. What kind of commercial sparks will they collide with? What are you most looking forward to? I am very curious for electronic products of this year. What kind of novelty story does it have? 

Walsun team show picture

Walsun ,a company from China, from the displayed pictures and related text descriptions, you know that it is related to locks and belong to consumer electronics.  Yes, Walsun are mainly dedicated to create outdoor smart portable products. This year, Walsun mainly exhibited a series of biometric fingerprint locks, including fingerprint padlocks, embedded series lock, and portable AC power bank series etc. .Foe example ,you will see newest fingeprint U lock bike lock, TSA luggage lock ,Bluetooth padlock and so on.
fingerprint padlock

In connection with all kind of problems by consumers when using various types of locks, such as traditional key locks, forget  keys or lose keys,it is not convenient for the user. Password lock, the set of password is too simple, it may be cracked. Complexity, it is more troublesome for memory.  After comprehensive analysis of these issues, Walsun found that  the final way would return to the fingerprint. A lock with fingerprints technology, no keyless or password, delicate and compact, low power consumption design and long standby time... And Fipilock fingerprint padlock can fully achieve multi-use and indoor and outdoor using, such as outdoor travel, You can use it on a luggage bag. You can also use in home cabinets, doors, cabinets, etc. . Schools, gym lockers, it can also warmly protect. If you don't need it for a while, its compact size allows you to easily store it.

smart fingerprint padlock

 Customer Reception Picture

There is also embedded series that can be customized. Customers can customize it according to their own requirements.This time will display two types , the FL-B1 embedded jewelry box lock and the FL-B2 embedded luggage backpack lock. As far as jewel box locks are concerned, because most people will have some jewelry boxes or jewelry boxes that contain precious jewelry and jewelry items, generally speaking, people will use various of small padlocks. Concerned about how to safely place keys, how to set a high-security password, or if do not use it for a long time, it is hard to find keys or remember passwords . . The most important thing is that the operation is more troublesome. For example, if you want to showed to friends and relatives, you must find the key to unlock or check the password unlocking for severial times.But the fingerprint is very simple and convenient, after registered, each time just touch to unlock, efficient and quick. Your fingerprint key is safe and always with you. Of course, we will also set an emergency key port, so that when you are away, if someone need it urgently or if you want someone without registered to open , then the key can come in handy. Two-pronged unlock approaches, more intimate.In addition to the unique advantages of fingerprint lock, our B2 can also has simple self-installation design ,make the consumers to easily open the bag /luggage with their smart fingerprints, and easily changed to be a high-end security backpack or luggage.

smart padlock

                                                                           Customer Reception Pictures

What are the advantages of AC power bank? The person in charge said that, in nowadays , people will carry with a small power bank to charge the mobile phone when they are going out, but the number of charging times is limited, and after one time charging, most of them will be in low power status ,even no power status. For the crowd of business people,if the computer suddenly run out of power at key moments of important business meetings or customer talks, it is a headache problem .  This series of portable AC power bank can provide power supply for similar scenarios or emergency power outages in home /offices to solve the urgent need. Portable AC power bank can be applied to mobile phones, computers, home appliances, etc., to provide you with convenience.

fingerprint lock

Thanks very much for every person who is concern Walsun , welcome to visit our booth .