FL-S5 Fingerprint & Key Heavy Security Padlock


Fingerprint lock become a hot product in lock industry because of its security ,portability and convenience.But fingerprint lock is mostly used in security doors,the use of fingerprint locks is limited. However, Fipilock has launched portable fingerprint padlock series,such as FL-S2,FL-S3,FL-P4 ... these fingerprint padlock can be widely used in outdoor and indoor.For example,when in outdoor travel,you can use it as travel luggage bag padlock.You can also use it as locker lock when you are in gym/school.Of course, you can also use them as fingerprint door padlock. Except the advantages of the fingerprint lock, the practicality and portability of Fipilock fingerprint padlock makes it more popular in market.
Recently, Fipilock launched a new type FL-S5 fingerprint padlock.It is a heavy security padlock,the total weight is about 250g. Except continuing to use the previous zinc alloy material,increased use of aluminum alloy frame design,strong pressure resistance. The volume is larger than the previous padlock.The overall appearance is more solid and beautiful.

fingerprint door lock
Compared with the previous padlock,the most difference is S5 adopts dual opening methods. While keeping the traditional key unlock, FL-S5 fingerprint padlock combines traditional locks with high-tech fingerprint technology, making fingerprint identification the main way to unlock. And configure a dedicated keyhole design to meet  the psychological security needs of users. And it can also be used as an emergency spare key to avoid fingerprint recognition failed without power. In this case, you always have a way to open this lock and give user higher security and better experience.

Watching such a strong padlock,we will have a safer feeling.As a security padlock, where would you use it? As a door padlock?A gate padlock? A bike padlock or warehouse lock or other? In fact, just like a traditional padlock,FL-S5 smart fingerprint padlock can be used in any needed places.

 fingerprint door lock

fingerprint door padlock

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