High Security Level FL-U9 Fingerprint U Lock


Bicycles give great convenience for our life, and most people still choose to travel on a light bicycle, especially students and some office workers. But bicycle safety is a headache for them. In order to improve the consumer experience and increase the safety, the manufacturers of bicycle locks are constantly transforming the traditional opening way, such as using password setting to open, some abandoning the traditional key opening method and unlocking with the mobile APP. Some use Bluetooth to unlock and so on. On the one hand, these programs have improved the drawbacks of traditional keys, such as easy to lose key and easy to be copied. But on the other hand, it also brings new problems, such as the operation becomes complicated, or the phone or the configured watch has no power, how to unlock?

Recently, Fipilock launched a new u-lock - FL-U9 Fingerprint U Lock, which completely avoids the above problems.So what is special about FL-U9 U lock?

fingerprint padlock

First of all, from the design point of view,high security U-shaped design, the shell material is made of high-quality Stainless steel & TPE, and the size of the lock body and the lock beam respectively reach 139.5*Φ38mm and Φ18MM. The FL-U9 is a solid U-lock with a total weight of 1300g. The overall appearance is beautiful, resistant to pressure and waterproof.

Secondly, from the technical point of view,FL-U9 is a smart U lock that does not require keys to open. It uses high-tech biometric fingerprint recognition technology, as long as you register the fingerprint can be used as a key to open, no need for a mobile phone or APP, the operation is very simple. Because of the living recognition technology, the fingerprint film is not feasible, so you don't have to worry about fingerprints being copied. The false reject rate and the false accept rate of the fingerprint identification are 0.1% and 0.0001%, respectively, and the time for fingerprint recognition is also very fast, and only needs 0.5 seconds to unlock. You don't have to worry about forgetting or losing, fingerprints will always be with you. More important,fingerprint lock has a built-in 3.7V ,260mAh rechargeable battery. Under low-consumption technology, it can support 3500-4000 times unlocking and locking actions when fully charged. The fingerprint lock also supports access sharing, and users under the authority of the administrator can also easily use it.

Then, if the smart U lock don't need the key to open, so it means that there is no key? No ,you are wrong,the FL-U9 smart fingerprint U lock combines traditional locks with high-tech fingerprint technology, while keeping the traditional key unlock, making fingerprint identification the main way to unlock , it adopts a double-opening method, which specifically retains the traditional key opening method, and equipped with a special keyhole to prevent the lock can not be  unlocked in no power status.

fingeprint lock