How to buy the Best Biometric Fingerprint Padlock?


How to buy the  Best Biometric Fingerprint Padlock?

Get to know about the latest Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

It’s easy to lose a key. You could forget to carry it with you, misplace it, or even have it stolen. Whatever the case may be, with a typical padlock, you’re only one accident away from being locked out. That’s no small part of the reason why people turn to biometric fingerprint locks.


In the distant past, fingerprint locks were a little sketchy. The rate at which they gave off false positives or false negatives was heinous. But as the technology has improved, these days, Fipilock fingerprint locks can be every bit as reliable as traditional padlocks. Provided you know how to pick the lock most appropriate for your situations.

Picking the Best Biometric Fingerprint Padlock

Finding the right biometric fingerprint lock is really about three things. Size, security, and access. Balancing those three elements can help you narrow down your selection rather quickly.

Size of the Lock

This mostly comes down to size and weight. Larger locks can be more difficult to fit in small spaces. That can prevent you from using the lock on certain types of lockers, for instance. The size and weight of the lock also has a rough correlation with the amount of protection it provides, since heavier locks tend to be made from sturdier materials.

Security Issues

Is the lock resistant to smashing forces? How about smaller bolt cutters? The gold standard for a padlock, fingerprint lock or otherwise, is typically stainless steel. It’s strong enough to hold up to anything except fairly large bolt cutters wielded by someone with enough strength to squeeze through a quarter-inch of steel.


When it comes to digital security, you can pretty much rest easy. Though you might want to know whether or not the lock you choose has any wireless functionality which may add another dimension to security concerns.

Sharing Access

Speaking of wireless connections, how many ways are there to open the lock? Fipilock fingerprint locks allow you to open or close them using an app connected over Bluetooth. And how many users can you have on the network? At least ten is quite common, but Fipilock fingerprint locks can go much further as 40 sets. How do you add or revoke access from people? This is mostly a matter of understanding how many people you expect to share access.


Where to buy the dream fingerprint padlocks

Fipilock has been focusing on fingerprint recognition technology since 2013, with strong R&D team, skilled workers,  and strict quality control system, high-end fingerprint padlocks and multiple categories for you to choose,  you will surely find the appropriate fingerprint locks or solution there.