How To Effectively Improve The Security Of Home ?


How to effectively improve home security?

1. Anti-theft work is essential
Is your home using a padlock? Bullet lock? Still anti-theft lock? According to some surveys, 90% of thieves will give up if they can't open the door lock within one minute, but some reports have pointed out that 75% of the domestic community is equipped with a common mechanical lock that can be technically unlocked within 1 minute; More than % of households think that the lock of the new house is safe, and it is not replaced or even replaced after check-in. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate locks with low safety factor.

As far as I am concerned, the memory is that almost every time I lock the door, I will push and pull the padlock again to see if the door is locked. There are many times to go back a bit to confirm whether to lock the door. From the perspective of insurance and convenience, this is one of the reasons why more and more families choose smart electronic locks. In my opinion, I prefer biometric padlocks. For example, the Fipilock biometric fingerprint door lock not only does not have to worry about forgetting to bring the key, but also the indicator reminder function (different color definitions) to let you know immediately whether it is safely locked.
smart door lock
2. Go out or sleep at night to pay attention to anti-locking doors and windows.

Be sure to use the window frame that can be locked inside the window. The lower-level occupants who do not have the security window should pay more attention. Be sure to lock the doors and windows before going out, pull down the crescent lock on the window, and at the same time develop the habit of sleeping at night to lock the anti-theft door.

3. Do not arbitrarily "hidden" spare keys
Many people go out and have the habit of not having a key, or they are afraid of losing. They will put a spare key near the door. In fact, the place we can think of, the thief can think of it! Therefore, do not store the keys under the front door mats, above the door frames, newspaper boxes, etc., where they are considered to be concealed and safe. Note that you have to guard against thieves, not ordinary people. The Fipilock biometric padlock does not need to be hidden, your finger is the key. Up to 10 fingerprints are shared and warmer.