• What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fingerprint Padlock?

    High practicality,it is more convenient to collect and use fingerprints,just as Fipilock smart padlock ,fingerprint recognition,up to 10 fingerprints,can be widely used.

    2018/05/24 editor 174

  • The Gifts for Mothers

    Fipilock fingerprint padlock make mom think that they are still young and Let mother think there is no distance between them and high technology.

    2018/05/24 editor 179

  • Fingerprint padlock say "No" for Tinfoil Unlock ?

    Walsun Fingerprint padlock embodies the practical principle ,not only application for home doors, cabinets, gyms/school locker, but can be used in backpacks,luggage ,bag etc.

    2018/05/22 editor 170

  • Smart Electronic Padlock Make Your Life More Interesting

    Fipilock smart padlock ,no key no password, widely be as luggage lock,thumbprint locker lock ,backpack lock.

    2018/05/16 editor 154

  • Is It Possible to Embed A Fingerprint Lock Into Your Luggage ?

    FL-B2 embedded lock fingerprint lock. As convenient, Self-installation design, After the fingerprint lock is embedded in your bag,luggage ,backpack , fingerprint recognition 1s to unlock ,faster and more security.

    2018/05/09 editor 224

  • Are You Still Using Key Padlock?

    Biometric padlock support access sharing, up to 10 fingerprints ,you can shared to needed people. More important, Fipilock can be widely used in home or outdoor.

    2018/05/08 editor 215

  • Newest Fl-S1 fingerprint lock

    Super Slim, Super Simple, Super One ,is newest FL-S1 series fingerprint padlock main and important idea.The padlock has 4 different colors , you can choose your favorite one .

    2018/04/14 editor 249

  • Innovative Minimalism FL-S1

    Innovative Minimalism FL-S1 achieved 0.5s unlock,it is very sensitive even can unlock with your face.So magical,of course, it is S1 Automatic recognition technology taking you unique smart experience .

    2018/04/11 editor 283

  • The Most Mysterious Gift

    with the trend of popularity ,creating the hottest market at present, and giving everyone a safe and convenient anti-theft gift in social.

    2018/03/15 editor 430

  • The origin of lock and CES

    The lock has a long history in the world, and it is almost at the same time as the age of private ownership in China.

    2018/01/20 editor 491