New Product Introduction- Bluetooth Fingerprint Padlock


Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that supports short-range communication of devices. After years of development, we are already familiar with it. It is also an indispensable module in electronic products such as mobile phones and computers.At present, Bluetooth technology is used in various locks by lock manufacturer,Bluetooth lock become a popular lock model in smart lock market.

Safe and easy to use, is the most important factor for most users to choose the smart lock, so the choice of Fipilock smart lock program is more emphasis on safety and practicality. Fipilock also launched a smart Bluetooth according to the needs of customers. Learn the newest FL-P4Pro Bluetooth padlock together from the following article.

Fingerprint Bluetooth lock

The newest Bluetooth lock is launched based on fingerprint lock,firstly,it is a portable fingerprint padlock,it has all advantages of fingerprint padlock, for example,without key or password, fingerprint touch quickly 1s unlock, fingerprint access sharing,IP65 waterproof and dustproof protect, small and portable, and so on. Secondly, the fingerprint lock is a padlock with bluetooth technology.The padlock has the following functions,such as bluetooth unlock , registering or manage fingerprints,reset padlock,provide Anti-lost protect.

What are the main features of the smart Bluetooth fingerprint padlock?

1. Fingerprint +Bluetooth double open ways, free to choose

2. Safe and convenient management makes access more controllable

Administrator account control: Administrator fingerprint can control all operations ,through administrator account identification to manage registering,reset etc. .

Bluetooth control: Except fingerprint, bluetooth is also can be used to unlock,registering, reset and management.

3. Easy and reliable operations

Compared with traditional key lock or combination password lock ,fingerprint unlock and bluetooth unlock are all very safer and reliable,and the operation is simple.

4. Low power consumption design ,long lasting life

In normal using,after one full charge,Bluetooth fingerprint padlock support 3000 time lock and unlock actions,long standby for 1 year.

5. High practical ,indoor and outdoor multi-use 

Compared with traditional smart door lock or built-in door lock,FL-P4Pro Bluetooth door padlock is small and portable. Its application is not just for door.When outdoor sports, such as travel ,hiking, business trip,it can guard your luggage/suitcase,backpack,bag .It is perfect for students for locking their schoolbag,cabinet ,locker. 

Fipilock integrates fingerprint and Bluetooth functions through high quality lock structure design and advanced technology, ensuring the safety and reliability, and adding radiance to your travels. The above is the simple intbluetooth padlock