Record Team Development Training Trip


though the team development training trip arranged by our company has ended fr a long time . But it gave every member a  happiness and profound experience. 

Fipilock team

                    Left: just arrived at the destination                                   Right: after changing clothes start training

Remember when I got out of the car, I was tired and began to feel energetic after training.I still remembered those interesting games about the team development training .For example , the first game , bamboo balance game. This game requires that every one of us should not leave his fingers away from the bamboo pole.At first, we didn't understand the skills, try, fail, try and fail...After several attempts, the small teams finally challenged the success.From this game, we have officially opened up our confidence in challenge.On the other hand, our feeling is the importance of the team.We gather together to have the most strength.The same is true of the work, so that all departments can work together to accomplish the task efficiently.

Bamboo balance game

Team tries

Another impressive thing is to guess card games.We are asked to guess the meaning of the cards according to the hints on the cards.This is very interesting ,It examines everyone's thinking and extensive knowledge.For example, geography knowledge, literature knowledge, common sense and so on.After three rounds of assessment, the PK between teams is fierce.Unfortunately, my team failed.But once again, we feel the importance of teamwork, and beyond that, the importance of leadership alone.

Look at the picture and guess the picture

Teams discussed and  tried

One of the most difficult games to play is the following.We tried for a long time or failed, and eventually in the encouragement and guidance of the coach, each team challenged success once, even exceeded the expected goal.

Foam board games

Through this outward bound training, I feel very deeply. It is important for everyone to work hard. Teamwork and coordination are more important. Secondly, we need to be full of self-confidence and believe that we can do well or even better. Finally, we must improve ourselves through continuous learning.