What We Need Pay Attention To When Riding A Bicycle In The UK?

Many of the people who come to Britain will be asked with one question: how to travel in the UK. Drive? You have to take the driver's license and give the car insurance. Take a taxi? It's too expensive. A bus or a subway? The morning and evening rush hour is too crowded. Walk? Though exercising, it is only suitable for short distance travel. 
In fact, in Britain, bicycle is very convenient. In London, the bicycle family is covered with streets. But unlike in China, bicycles are not allowed to walk on the sidewalk. When there is no special bike lanes, they must ride on the road. 

So if you want to choose bicycles as your vehicle in the UK, a lot of things are to be paid attention to, such as security, and related laws, you have to have a general understanding of it. Today we are going to learn the things we need to pay attention to.

Bicycle accessories are necessary in the UK
Do not be afraid of spending, a good bicycle lock is very important, the most secure lock is the U-lock, for example,u lock key lock,u-lock password lock. Well,U-lock is  a widely used design because of its high security. As like Fipilock u-lock fingerprint lock,it adopts u type design ,with high-tech fingerprint technology, and retain traditional key to opening.It can be said that this is a convenient, intelligent and efficient u-lock
Car lamp
If you ride a bike at night, you have to have a lamp, which is a British law, and you have to wear a nocturnal suit, which is mainly for safety. But the lights can be more than one, and very complicated. 
At the same time, the back reflector and the pedal should be fitted with suitable reflectors. My friend explained that the function of the reflector is mainly because when you drive in the evening, the rear car may use a light, and the reflector on the bicycle can reflect the light back, so that the driver is riding a bicycle in front of you.
This is the rule of the British law, and sometimes there will be a police inspection on the road, and if it is checked, it may be fined, but it is mainly from security. Everyone should not want to make fun of his own life, so remember "riding a car with a helmet"!

Of course, just like fipilock u-lock, these are also to ensure safety, then do you know what you need to pay attention to?