The Birth of FIPILOCK Fingerprint Padlock, Based On Sentiment And Innovation


With the continuous maturity of the fingerprint lock industry, from the hotel locks used in the 1990s to home smart locks, consumers' acceptance of smart technology has been continuously improved, and the penetration rate has gradually increased. After more than ten years of benign market cultivation, the good development prospects of fingerprint locks have also attracted the attention of many industry giants. When Haier, Lenovo and Xiaomi all joined the fingerprint lock industry, "Consumer Electronics" interviewed Mr Liu(Liu Aitian) ,the founder of Shenzhen WALSUN Digital Technology Co., Ltd. - which is witness the intelligent change of this key, and the entrepreneur who has the title of Lock King.


Ideal to shine into reality, FIPLOCK brand is born

The interview was held at the Shenzhen headquarters of WALSUN. The young city and the team that  love "lock "are competing for each other and look vibrant. "It's better to seize the opportunity than to sculpt the fine machine." Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the current smart padlock is portable, applicable and beautiful, and it has the priority to occupy the market.

The product concept based on "first" has been mentioned many times in the topic. Liu Aitian, the lock king, admitted to the reporter that the smart padlock is transformed from the scene into inspiration, and then transformed into the main product of today, and how to polish the product to the extreme, giving priority to market opportunities is a key point. Marketing, promotion, and patents are also key factors in achieving a brand.
It is reported that Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is a leading embedded fingerprint lock technology solution provider in China,  a high-tech products companies,focusing on fingerprint technology and embedded fingerprint lock technology solutions.

Fipilock founder

Founder of Shenzhen Wosheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Aitian

In addition to the conversation, from time to time to remind visitors to drink tea, and Mr. Liu told reporters that the development of the smart lock industry, originated from a experience of hometown ,Heyuan, Guangdong in 2014. At that time, Liu  wanted to look for a important  key. And the old mother took out dozens of rusty keys from a mooncake box ,and they tried one by one. He was deeply touched and said: "I am making a lock without key to you." From that moment on, the ideal step by step into reality, from the previous brainstorming to the creation of the product model, in the process, Liu Aitian's decision was questioned by the company team and the outside world. After all,  suddenly switching to new areas undoubtedly represents a new risk.
"The brand was officially launched in early 2017. It was very resounding at the beginning,at that time, it also made crowdfunding and raised a total amount of 2 million." Like many young companies, it solved the funding problem and the next step is to grind the product. Therefore, after the pre-market layout and brand development, the FPILOCK fingerprint lock series  brand stood out.  And  Walsun's  vision of is become a global outdoor consumer's favorite outdoor electronic brand.WALSUN dedicated to the provision of fingerprint integration solutions, covering the Internet of Things system, App , Bluetooth and other directions. In addition, Shenzhen WALSUN  Digital Technology Co., Ltd. also won the honor of Guangdong Provincial Contract-honoring and Credit Enterprise and Shenzhen E-Commerce Electronics Industry Association President.

Adhere to originality , attach importance to promotion and patents

"Plagiarism is becoming more and more popular in the smart lock industry, and the phenomenon of homogenization is very serious. Walsun has also faced the situation of products being plagiarized. At the time, we did not expect smart locks to be so hot. There are some traditional  lock companies follow suit ."
Liu Aitian said that,Fipilock  even encountered other companies plagiarizing the Walsun digital brochures and videos. But, he was more convinced that  the good development prospects of smart locks and the importance of originality. He expects that there will be no less than 100 brands and manufacturers in 2018. In order to seize the opportunity, he applied for all keywords about fingerprint padlocks in Alibaba in a timely manner, so that the top products of Taobao's fingerprint padlocks belong to Walsun. , proactively paving the way for the brand.

In terms of patents, since the establishment of Walsun in 2013, it has obtained hundreds of patents, including fingerprint padlock patents, fingerprint padlock appearance patents etc., and also obtained a number of international certifications. In the focus of the competition of contemporary fingerprint locks, in addition to the product's precision and patents, Liu Aitian also attaches great importance to promotion, and said, "When this Internet era comes, the spread is very fast, but as long as there is advertising, even if we do less than full coverage, it is also very willing to promote 360° on the mobile side.


In product innovation, Liu Aitian has his own unique insights. Even if the smart lock is facing product upgrades and falls into a single function, Liu Aitian not only does not compromise, but is more active in exploring new ways to extend the security of smart locks to interesting and emotional. From the perspective of "Fipilock locks you love", it divides the three levels of filial piety, love, and childlikeness, and gives customized products to different manufacturers. According to the different needs of consumers, it combines feelings with products to expand the practicability of products.

"When I eat, I will pay attention to the keys on the waist of others and treat these people as my own customers. I also registered the 'Your finger is your key' brand holding slogan, I think the product is going to be very good, still It is necessary to innovate and value intellectual property rights, because after 3 to 5 years, brand and intellectual property rights should be the most convincing.” Currently, Walsun has established a long-term cooperative sales network in North America, Europe, Australia and other places. International supermarkets, agent traders and brand owners have established close cooperative relations.

Coexistence in the field of biometrics and privacy

There is no monopoly brand enterprise in the fingerprint lock industry, but the market share of the industry analysis will gradually increase. After attending the CES show in the United States, Liu Aitian once conducted an internal analysis meeting to sort out the development order of fast-stabilizing the market and Seiko, and determined that the market should be quickly stabilized by the fingerprint lock market.
He believes that as long as privacy is exist in the world, the requirement of locks is necessary . It is hoped that all places where need keys and passwords can be exchanged for face recognition and fingerprint recognition, that is, biometrics recognition. At present, Walsun has more than 300 employees, 2 factories and 2 R&D centers. Among them, the R&D center is the key to strategic transformation. 
Liu Aitian said that all of its five directors belonged to entrepreneurs. Because of the good corporate atmosphere, products and platforms, they felt that this is a career. At least have feelings, no matter whether it is unsuccessful; one step at a time, always shines brightly behind. ,  He also wrote the founder's message in the company "to establish a standard, transparent, mutually balanced and balanced management mechanism suitable for advanced business models, to be a brand company that can inherit integrity."