This Mid-Autumn Festival, Go Home with a Fingerprint U-lock


The Moon Festival or Mid -autumn Festival is one of the three major traditional festivals celebrated by Chinese people. Like harvest time in other countries, the Mid-autumn Festival actually began as a thanksgiving celebration, honoring the Soil God and the Crop God. The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, usually in early September to early October of the Gregorian calendar with full moon at night. It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon - an auspicious symbol of abundance,harmony and luck. This is also a time for family reunions. Chinese people enjoy moon cakes during this feast just as they eat rice dumplings for the Dragon Boat Festival.Adults will usually indulge in fragrant mooncakes of many varieties with a good cup of piping hot Chinese tea, while the little ones run around with their brightly-lit lanterns. It is quite appropriate to bring moon cakes with you in token of festival greetings when calling on people during this season.And if you take a smart, intimate and practical gift - fingerprint u-lock for family , it will be a more interesting and meansful thing.

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In order to pursue our dreams and to live, our leisure time is reserved for entertainment and work. But when the bustle of the world fades, you will find that everything is beyond the love that has been silently accompanying you.In this world, the one who gives us the most love is our parents. Mid-Autumn Festival, with the reunion of the round of the moon, pray for harvest and happiness. And the warmest and precious thing in this world - but in the moonlight, someone will wait for you to go home to have a meal and a drink. So, if you have some slight touches, just pick up the phone and say to them: "Parents, I am going home during the Mid-Autumn Festival."
Well, since I have to go home after the holidays, are you still swearing for the parents to bring home?Of course, a good-looking mooncake gift box for the Mid-Autumn Festival is of course indispensable.Invisible, we have specially prepared a creative gift that reflects filial piety - FIPILOCK fingerprint U-lock.
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In the hot summer, you don't have to sweat too much to use the key to unlock. When you return home, you still worry that the key is copied by others. The FIPILOCK fingerprint U-lock is designed for the traveler. Fingerprint technology lets it say goodbye to the key being copied. Worry, the operation is simpler and more convenient, it can be easily unlocked with a single touch of the finger. The separate structure design greatly shortens the time required for unlocking, and also solves the trouble that the traveler occasionally forgets to bring the key, whenever and wherever. It saves you time and effort, saving you time to meet the people you want to see.

So, don’t you take your hand to go home and reunite with your parents?

Mid-autumn festival