Use fingerprint locks to block sensible children


Today, I have seen a particularly interesting news on the Internet. It is said that a 15-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh, India, on the day of International Friendship Day, was forced to sell his father’s house for a special holiday gift. Thousand rupees were stolen and generously given to the class.Although it can be recovered, there will definitely be losses.I have to say that the children in each place are the same.
 I also remembered the anecdote of my childhood,actually, my mother told me when I grew up. she told to me that when I was a little girl,one day, suddenly she found that the money was getting less. She was thinking about who moved the money and it happened that my neighbor told my mother that I bought a lot of food, and asked me why I was so rich, I ran away. Later, when my mother found me, I was dumbfounded, and I went home behind her. Mom asked me if I got the money, where was money? I didn't dare to talk, my mother asked again.I whispered that it was spent, and I gave it to some good friends.The final ending can be imagined, I was beaten. When talked about this, my mother said that when you were young, she often said that she wanted to tell me that i can ask her no matter what I wanted, but the act of stealing was intolerable.When I grow up, my relatives are always making fun of me. I still remember deeply until now.You can imagine it.
Later, when  I talked to my mother about this , I joked, why don't you put your money in a safe place, why not lock it? I have to say that you are also responsible for our mistakes. At that time, if we had our Fipilock fingerprint lock, you can lock up the valuable things with your fingerprint, there would be no such thing. Yes, children who are not sensible can use padlocks to stop them from doing bad things. But now, fingerprint padlocks have become fashionable.“I want to send you a fingerprint lock in case your granddaughter makes the same mistake.”I joked.

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