Walsun Quarterly Awards Ceremony


On November 22, 2018, on the special day of Thanksgiving, Walsun held an award ceremony for all employees. In the big family of Walsun, many outstanding teams and individuals have emerged. Through the many incentives of this commendation conference, the outstanding employees and the best sales are commended and encouraged.

sales team

Mr. Liu, the leader of Walsun, said at the awarding ceremony, "From the beginning of the establishment of dozens of people to the rise of Walsun today, a team of hundreds of people has been condensed. In the past few years, we have been smashing all different difficult on the way,and we have come to the present with a strong enthusiasm.The appearance of every new product  is the crystallization and proof of everyone's sweat; the honor and achievements of today can be inseparable from the efforts of every employee of our company.

Mr. Liu

It is your hard work that has promoted the development and growth of our company and refreshed the history of Walsun. I am always fortunate to be able to join you in casting the great platform of Walsun. Therefore, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the brothers and sisters of Walsun. No matter how powerful the future will be, we will not forget. I hope that Walsun can truly become your own home, unite everyone, make the company become the value conversion and spiritual home of everyone, and jointly build the enterprise of Walsun brilliant in the future, and grow the enterprise!

With the progress of the party, the awards such as the Excellent Progress Awards were constantly revealed .The singing, applause and cheers came and went, and all the scenes were cheerful.

lisa zhou


.After the awards ceremony, it was followed by the most exciting moment – the game, such as passing two balloons on the spot and stepping on the paper games,very interesting.The game interaction not only exercises the analytical and communication skills of the employees, but also allows the employees to work together toward a goal.

games time