Ali and Starbucks Reached a Strategic Cooperation


Yesterday, Starbucks Coffee and Alibaba Group announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation in new retail. The two will continue to innovate in their respective fields, creating a culture and lifestyle that will innovate a new way of retailing in the future based on highly aligned values and visions.

Starbucks Coffee

It is understood that the two sides will jointly create a new retail smart store on the Starbucks online.
In addition, Starbucks will also officially launch the service to create a new retail experience for Chinese consumers anytime, anywhere. In the past 20 years, Starbucks, born in the United States, has turned coffee into a ubiquitous lifestyle, and Alibaba has grown into an influential technology company. The cooperation involves a number of core businesses such as Alibaba's Tmall, which has a milestone in the history of global business.

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