What Else Can Fingerprint Identification Do?


Skin textures, including fingerprints, vary from pattern to pattern to breakpoints and intersections, presenting uniqueness and lifetime. According to this, we can associate a person with his fingerprint, and by comparing his fingerprint with the pre-stored fingerprint data, it can verify its true identity. This is the fingerprint recognition technology.
Fingerprint recognition is based on the texture of the human fingerprint, details and other information for the operation or identification by the operator. Thanks to modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and fast and reliable algorithm research, it has begun to enter our daily life and become the current The most in-depth research, the most widely used, and the most mature technology in biometrics.
At present, when it comes to fingerprint recognition, in addition to applications such as smart phones and corporate attendance, people are more concerned about the  fingerprint locks that have become popular in recent years.

Applying fingerprint recognition technology to traditional door locks is the best choice for biometrics from the professional market to the civilian market. The emergence of fingerprint lock products has announced the advent of a new generation of door locks, and fingerprint locks will gradually change the way people used to open their doors. The convenient, safe and low-cost features of the fingerprint lock will bring a very optimistic market prospect. With the emergence of fingerprint padlocks, its flexibility, portability, versatility and intelligence enrich the fingerprint lock market. 

But what else can fingerprint identification do?

Yes,Fingerprint unlock U disk.For example, a mobile U disk with fingerprint encryption from a company, using internationally advanced biometric technology with independent intellectual property rights, whether it is locked in a computer, encryption of confidential files, e-data, file synchronization, etc. You are easy to use, so that your confidential information and business data are truly secure. Besides,Fingerprint notebook is also be concerned .When you record something that you don't want to be seen at will, such as emotional experiences, such as little secrets, mood logs, etc. ,and you don't want to worry about others peek.There is no need to worry about the introduction of such a fingerprint encryption notebook.To say the welfare of a man, you have to say a fingerprint lighter.To say that men’s welfare has to say a fingerprint lighter, the market has launched a fingerprint-enabled lighter.Without authorization, others can no longer open your lighter.

Besides, what other high-tech applications are there? I heard that there are fingerprint locks, fingerprint wallets...and so on .Do you know anything else?