Heard That The Recent Trip To Turkey Is Very POPULAR!


Do You Want To Go To Turkey For Travel?

I want to go to romantic Turkey.... i want to buy much many luxuries ...em, i have no time yet... 

But,recently, Turkey become a more popular place. What happened? The Turkish exchange rate has been falling continuously, and the inflation rate has reached a new high in a decade, making Turkey the cheapest place to buy luxury goods in the world.It was said that the current per luxury goods store are lined up for more than 2 hours , the classic models are all out of stock. Many tourists think that this is a good time to travel to Turkey. The travel agency said that domestic travel agencies basically use the RMB calculation, and the outbound travel is usually booked one to two months in advance. Therefore, the travel price will not change with the foreign exchange in real time. But, if the lira falls for a long time, it will have a stimulating effect on travel to Turkey. In addition, under the premise of the price of the destination goods, free travel, shopping, local play and other direct use of foreign currency settlement customers, relatively more benefit.

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After hearing the decline in the Turkish exchange rate, many people are ready to travel to Turkey with their families. so does my friend.she said to me, "I have not considered Turkey travel in the past. After the exchange rate fell, I saw that the price of the tour group is not expensive, the consumption is definitely not high." Traveling is a really happiness thing and i like and admire very much. But i told to my friends that there must have much many people from different  countries in Turkey, she should be taken care of herself and she must keep her personal belongings, passports, wallets, credit cards, etc.. And i will also sent my important travel helper - outdoor portable fingerprint backpack lock to her. The fingerprint backpack lock is very convenient , i took it with a trip last week. I told my friend that there are other different type i like and she can input "Fipilock" to browse the relate information.  But in return, she need to bring me the items I like.

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For travel enthusiasts,in a foreign country or city , personal safety and item safety are important.While indulging in scenery, food, or other things, we must pay more attention to protecting ourselves.For example, like me, use a fingerprint backpack lock to work with you to defend against thieves.