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On the afternoon of August 10th, under the witness of dozens of excellent network business leaders and journalists, Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yuwentong Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinze Rubber Products Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreement.  Aitian Liu, general manager of Walsun, vice president  Jinbi Lv, and deputy general Jiaqin Chen  attended the signing.

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Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Yuwentong Technology Co., Ltd. 

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Shenzhen Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinze Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

At the signing ceremony, Aitian Liu, general manager of Walsun, said: “The current smart lock industry is booming and maintains a high growth trend, and its safety is getting more and more attention from the industry”. As China's leading fingerprint lock technology solution provider, Walsun has always advocated “changing life with creativity, serving the people with innovation”, focusing on fingerprint lock and embedded fingerprint lock technology, while Fipilock smart lock start  the first step in changing the padlock industry with their fashion, convenience and safety. It does not require a key, does not require a password, and can be unlocked with a finger, making it ideal for backpackers.

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The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement was also based on the principle of maximizing the market, complementing each other's advantages, sharing resources, and cooperating and innovating in many aspects. It was of great significance to deepen the cooperation field and effectively expand the business market. The two sides will use this as an opportunity to make products quickly enter the domestic and foreign markets through strategic marketing, long-term and overall perspectives. Through the efforts of both parties, Fipilock will become the first-class in China's smart lock industry brand.

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Surprisingly,when Fipilock first went public through the online channel. In just two months, it has sold more than 10,000 and received more than 5 million yuan in revenue. These inquiries were all from the whole network. Marketing, therefore also won the network marketing demonstration base awarded by Bailang Technology, the authoritative brand of foreign trade network promotion!

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Shenzhen Walsun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, five years, the wind and rain course; five years, great changes; five years, in the long history of development may be only a brief moment, but for an original more than 10 to 200 For Walsun, who has many employees, it is a struggle trajectory to build a century-old foundation and write brilliant chapter.
Today, Walsun has 2 factories and 2 R&D centers, which not only won the honor of Guangdong Province’s contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprises.
Obtained invention patent for fingerprint padlock, invention patent for U-shaped fingerprint bike lock and utility model patent and software patent and appearance patent for many products. The company has hundreds of certification patents at home and abroad, and also obtained BSCI and ISO9001 international certification and SGS. The certificate of the certification body passed the certificate. Maximize the safety of consumers and greatly enhance the confidence of the strategic alliance.

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Finally, Walsun is willing to join hands with people with lofty ideals who are passionate about smart fingerprint locks, to unite and seek common development, to create new achievements with new ideas, to create a new era of intelligent fingerprint locks in China, and to write a new chapter of human cultural history. !