Fipilock likes "No integrity, No business"


Mr. Liu Aitian, the general manager of our company, is very honored to be invited to participate in the Baoan government department: the Political and Legal Committee, the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the Credit Promotion Association: Integrity is in action, and the construction of the industry credit system cooperation forum!

industry credit system cooperation forum

As the representative of Baoan District, and the leaders of Shenzhen Baoan District Committee Political and Legal Committee, Baoan District Civil Affairs Bureau, Baoan District Xixiang Street, Baoan District Credit Promotion Association, the opening ceremony of “Honesty + Social Organization” was launched!


Baoan District is the only pilot area for regional credit system in Shenzhen. In August 2017, Baoan District officially launched the Bao'an District Public Credit Information Platform, and built a platform integrating collection, sharing, reward and punishment, and built a “legal person + natural person” credit system. The region’s 904,000 legal persons and 5.342 million natural persons were all in charge, achieving full coverage of “two 100%”. The Great Integrity System has opened an online inquiry channel, which provides strong support for the construction of a credible society and a first-class business environment.


In recent years, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Social Work Committee, Baoan District has focused on cultivating the development and standardization of social organizations. Baoan District carried out the reform of the social organization registration system, realized the registration and filing of the community social organization, established a special support fund, established a social organization talent information database, and built a social organization cultivation service center. At present, Baoan District has a total of 1,183 social organizations. Social organizations play an active role in participating in social governance, providing social services, and promoting social harmony and stability, and become an important subject of social governance.


In order to further enhance the ability and level of social organization's participation in social governance, on the afternoon of July 23, Baoan District Political and Legal Committee (Social Work Committee) and the District Civil Affairs Bureau took the lead in sponsoring the district credit promotion association. The organization "activity month was launched, and more than 40 social organizations on the scene witnessed the launching ceremony!


As a leader of the Integrity Association, an honest enterprise must lead by example, and integrity is the future development trend.