Jewelry Box With Embedded Lock,Which Is Better ?


Last night, I saw an interesting short film from a popular mobile app.That is, a woman recorded a video to complain her husband's mother. The lady in the video said that her mother-in-law always used her cosmetics when she did not know.But what makes her even more angry was that after use, her mother-in-law never handles such cosmetics correctly.For example, in this video, she said that her mother-in-law used her eyeliner and did not cover it. Then the eyeliner was dry and could no longer be used.Although she was very angry, she was embarrassed to say that her mother-in-law. But she could't stand it anymore, so she thought a very nice idea that locked these items with a specialized jewelry box .In fact, she really did it.

jewelry box with embedded lock

I learned  from the video that the jewelry box was built a password lock . Namely, it can be opened with the specialized password. If I was from the student days, I would think this is a high-tech.After all, we used small padlocks during the student days.In fact, it is a not bad idea to protect our personal items. But as a girl that know  fingerprint idea , i think it is not a innovation. Yap! You got it. When I first saw this video, I thought of  a jewelry box with Fipilock  embedded  fingerprint lock . As shown below, this is one of  jewelry box that has been successfully embedded with a fingerprint lock.

embedded fingerprint lock jewelry

The Model of FL-B1 Embedded Fingerprint Lock 

As we all known that fingerprint lock solution provider Fipilock has launched a new embedded fingerprint lock for jewelry box. As shown in above, Fipilock embedded lock support 2 opening methods.While retain the traditional key opening, the fingerprint lock adopts new fingerprint  technology  to make your fingerprint  can be unlock it under 0.5 seconds. Your fingerprint is key, fingerprint is the main opening way. Imagine a scene that is open at hand, is it convenient? 

Jewelry Box With Embedded Lock ,Which Is Better ? Password or Fingerprint,What do you think of ?