Motorcycle Anti-theft Starts With Locks


How to park a Motorcycle  safely is a very important thing, so motorcycle anti-theft knowledge is really important, improve their awareness of anti-theft, do not regret after being stolen! Motorcycle Anti-theft Starts With Locks.

fingerprint motorcycle lock

There are no locks that can not be opened. Ordinary locks (locks under 50 yuan commonly seen on the market) can be opened in a few seconds or a dozen seconds, while good, high-quality locks take hours or even days. Thieves usually look for locks that are easy to open.

The front locks are virtually ineffective, and 99% of car thieves can open in a matter of seconds.

Please improve the anti-theft of vehicles from the following aspects:

1. Choose high-quality locks to maximize the time and difficulty for thieves to steal motor

bike. Locks to prevent hydraulic shears, the material is best all-steel or R-type alloy steel heavy explosion-proof lock or high-strength stainless steel, the thicker the lock rod, the harder the hydraulic shears, the lock rod is more than 25 mm thick hydraulic shears are very difficult to cut (now many car thieves are using hydraulic shears, hydraulic pliers to steal cars. So a good motorcycle lock is very important.

2. Vehicles should be parked as far as possible in the areas of conspicuous, good light and monitoring, where they can be seen by themselves and others. When thieves act against vehicles, they are easy to be found and stopped in time.

3. Install alarms, preferably bi-directional motorcycle alarms, which can deter thieves and remind owners with anti-shearing wires and self-contained batteries. One-way anti-theft alarm has little effect, and it is better to have a disc brake that will emit a sharp alarm sound at a touch, or a anti-theft car lock with two-way alarm function.

4. Conditionally add a lock to lock the fixtures beside the motorcycle, such as iron railings, anti-collision railings, etc.
If you want to guard against gentleman's lock of 30 yuan, any one can. If you want to guard against villains and theft, you should consider carefully. I believe it is also necessary to equip your car with high-quality locks. Take precautions. It's like buying accident insurance for yourself. If you don't fear 10,000, you'll be afraid of 10,000.

In a word, motorbike theft prevention starts with the owner of the motorbike, and the motorbike should be well protected. Don't regret losing it later, then thought that if God gives me another chance, I will lock the motorcycle properly!