Semiconductor Fngerprint Identification Device In Fingerprint Lock

Currently, in the field of fingerprint door lock applications, the way in which the semiconductor fingerprint identification device and the fingerprint door lock are connected is mainly divided into the following two types, one is relatively independent in the form of a kit, and the other is related to each component of the electronic solution integrated.

Relatively independent: the semiconductor fingerprint identification device exists in the form of a kit in the fingerprint door lock. The three main components of the sensor, the memory and the processor are independent of the electronic solution of the fingerprint door lock, only through the data line and the fingerprint door lock. The electronic parts are connected, and the application of fingerprint recognition is relatively independent. The advantage of this is that it is adaptable, easy to maintain, easy to update, reduces the difficulty of electronic development, and forms a modular application; the disadvantage is that the integration is not high, the volume is relatively large, and the cost is relatively high;

The integration scheme is: the semiconductor fingerprint identification device exists in a relatively integrated manner among the fingerprint door locks, and only the semiconductor sensor is connected to the PCBA main board of the electronic solution by means of plugging or data line connection, that is, integrating the processor, the memory, and the like in the Among the framework of the overall electronic solution, fingerprint recognition has been dissolved in the overall scheme, and the fingerprint identification device is only a part of the electronic scheme. The advantages of this approach are: product quality is easy to control, high integration, relatively low cost, and easier to update; disadvantages are: increased development difficulty, unable to form modular applications, poor adaptability, the same type of fingerprint identification device cannot match exactly with other electronic schemes.

Two kinds of connection methods, among which the first type of connection of the fingerprint door lock is loved by the manufacturer, and the integration scheme only accounts for a very small part, but most of the integrated production companies are technically strong or have Very fixed supplier of production companies, and the scale is relatively large.