The luggage has ushered in the age of Smart, are you behind the times?


The luggage has ushered in the age of smart, are you behind the times?

Defeating Li Shishi from Alphago to semantic networks mastering the language skills of 4-year-old all augur well for the truth that the era of artificial intelligence has arrived.



Artificial intelligence has brought great convenience to our life, gradually penetrating into every aspect of life, and become our intelligent assistant.

What is unexpected is that artificial intelligence has entered the luggage industry,

 fipilock fingerprint intelligent suitcase using innovative thinking,

 intelligent technology modules and traditional manual technology combined to subvert the concept of traditional suitcase,

 so that the luggage has fingerprints unlocked, has become a black horse in the travel box market.



In the international smart luggage market, the earliest to open intelligent is the blue smart from the United States, 

can carry mobile phone app synchronous use, give the suitcase anti-loss, rechargeable, automatic weighing and other functions,

to help users solve a series of troubles in the trip.


Not long ago Xiaomi went online with a smart luggage called 90, although the smart suitcase currently supports only one-click unlocking, 

but is enough to illustrate Xiaomi estimate of the future of the luggage's intelligent market.



First wave: from flat-lying stacking to upright walking


In the 1858, flat luggage came out at this time, flat and sturdy, easy to stack, and waterproof, 

designed for travellers travelling by means of long-distance vehicles such as steam boats



Bob Plath, a pilot at NORTHWEST Airlines in 1989, put the luggage up, fitted it with rollers and handles, 

created a modern version of the wheeled suitcase and became the first person to carry a wheeled luggage on board. 

This can be said to be the first wave in the course of the development of the suitcase.


Second wave: from directional turn to universal wheel



The appearance of the universal wheel is the second wave of the change in the luggage, 

because it provides innovative convenience to the "burden reduction" of the suitcase to a greater extent.


Directional wheel can only pull the box in one direction, the hand is more laborious, 

and the universal wheel can let a person walk with it very labor-saving, and fashion personality.


The third wave: the introduction of intelligent technology


The third wave had to mention tech intelligence because it was the equivalent of putting a 24-hour brain in a suitcase, thinking and understanding the heart.


Fipilock Smart Fingerprint suitcase not only follows the quality of ABS+PC pure manual process


With aluminum alloy material lever, according to the height of the user can adjust the expansion freely


Coupled with a sophisticated universal wheel, to ensure 360 degree rotation flexibility, the use of mute design, 

pull when the friction sound is small, wear resistance is also very good


It also injects a smart "core" into a suitcase that is superior to this process material. Currently has fingerprint anti-theft function, 0.5 seconds to unlock,

 support multiple user fingerprints.



Inside: Material + layered Design

Compared to other 20-inch suitcases, this suitcase interior space is slightly larger, and has a more reasonable layout space, 

in the use of greatly reduce the waste of space, whether it is large clothing, or fragmentary key change bus card can be easily included.


Built-in and X-type fixed buckles effectively prevent the clutter caused by the contents of the box in the course of shipment and towing.


Out of the case: Portability + safety


A good luggage of course itself should be light enough!!! 

Travel spicy tired, a little more burden can not ~ at the same time also must have fashion design and luggage with the fingerprint lock, 

in order to make travel business more peace of mind.