Warmly Welcome Foshan Network Business Companies To Visit Our Company


On the afternoon of August 29th, Foshan network business enterprises visited the organizer who won many honors such as “West Point Dream Demonstration Base”: Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. visited and studied.

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Then,the General manager ,Mr. Liu and members of Foshan network business enterprises started the meeting on the status quo of enterprise development. At the meeting, the general manager of Foshan network business company Chen Zong and Walsun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Liu briefly introduced. After Liu started the speech of the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Liu, the leader of Walsun, borrowed many corporate cases to show that innovation is a core element of enterprise development. Enterprise development must update its thinking, break through the limits, and change the inherent traditional model. In order to get out of the long-term imprisonment, small and medium-sized enterprises must first establish a sense of innovation, take innovation as the normal state of the enterprise, and regard innovation as one of the criteria for corporate assessment and reward. Second, we must work hard to find the stone of the mountain, take off all the rules and regulations, in order to continue moving forward.

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After the meeting, members of the Foshan network business enterprise also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the Chairman of the Volkswagen Leader Liu on the future development of the company. And hope that through exchanges and learning, help Wosheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan network business enterprises can better base themselves on the development and innovation of the times and realize the vision of the two companies' blueprints.

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Walsun respects science and technology, advocating the concept of new thinking and new life, and in the principle of science and technology serving human life, has always led the team of Walsun. At the same time, Walsun will always pay attention to the changes in the consumption patterns and consumption habits of the new generation, and actively promote and guide the healthy and rapid development of the fingerprint lock industry through continuous innovation in products. Looking forward to the future, the fingerprint technology brand that consumers love.