After the epidemic,I would like to .....


After the epidemic,I would like to .....

At the beginning of 2020, it was destined to be extraordinary, and the hot and dry noodles suddenly fell ill, which immediately affected the hearts of the people all over the country. It cast a heavy shadow over the Spring Festival, which should have been reunited. And we also spent an unforgettable Spring Festival, the numbers, portraits and words that appear every day in the news deeply affect our hearts. Behind every increase in epidemic figures is the fragmentation of a family, which reminds me of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Although more than a few decades have passed, the heavy disaster is still indelible in people's minds, and a grain of ash of the times falls on the individual's head. It's a mountain..


On January 26, 2020, Kobe's death shocked the world. Many people are saying that Kobe's life is about basketball. Indeed, how many people who used to watch him play on the Internet are now parents and how many children are infatuated with basketball because of him? and how many people wake up and lose their faith; The other day I saw a comment from a girl on Weibo saying, "although she is not a fan of Kobe Bryant, she is very sad on this day because she knows that the boy she once loved must be crying today." Kobe Bryant's departure once again pierced the youth of many people. If we can restart in 2020, if everything can be restarted, but the peach blossom is still the same, the Iraqi people have passed away, there are three things in life that can not retain "life, time and love". We always sigh that life is fragile. Only by cherishing the present can we live up to life.

     After the epidemic, I want to make an appointment with my best friend to see the cherry blossoms in Wuhan University. I remember she said that cherry blossoms are a symbol of love and hope, representing nobility and mystery, and a mystery from the east. Eat a bowl of hot and dry noodles in Hubu Lane and take a look at the Yangtze River Bridge where cars come and go. We are carrying sister bags, and we are immersed in the cherry blossom avenue surrounded by the smell of books and flowers.


After the epidemic, I would like to make an appointment with my three or five friends, carry my favorite army green backpack, and go to the most authentic Chongqing hot pot restaurant in Shenzhen to sit down and have a good meal of hot pot with indispensable cold beer. I know we must be really relaxed and happy at the moment.


After the epidemic, I want to put three or two favorite clothes in my suitcase. I'm going to challenge my own travel. This time, only the suitcase in my hand is with me. Take off your mask and take a deep breath of the fresh air along the way.


After the epidemic, I will choose a charming afternoon to sit alone in the street coffee shop and quietly order a latte, and then type the words I think of on the keyboard. I slowly feel how beautiful the afternoon has been neglected countless times.


Although at the beginning of 2020, a lot of things have happened that we do not want to see, but this also tells us to know how to cherish everything around us, because you do not know which tomorrow or accident will come first. So there will be more tolerance and understanding in life, less complaints and complaints; may there be less regret in your life, and may you live the way you desire.