• What Else Can Fingerprint Identification Do?

    Applying fingerprint recognition technology to traditional door locks is the best choice for biometrics from the professional market to the civilian market.

    2018/08/07 editor 147

  • Why Does Fingerprint Recognition Will Failure With Wet Hand?

    Fingerprint products will indicate the acceptable humidity range . For example, the humidity range of Fipilock fingerprint lock is 40% RH-90%RH.And remind consumers to wipe the rain and then use the padlock after the rain.​

    2018/08/06 editor 148

  • Flexible Fingerprint Padlock Are More Popular

    the variety of Fipilock is available, both indoors and outdoors. The price is also very close to the people and very flexible to use. I didn't hold back and bought a piece that was mainly suitable for travel.

    2018/08/04 editor 149

  • Ali and Starbucks Reached a Strategic Cooperation

    Compared with traditional locks, Fipilock strives to overcome the drawbacks of traditional locks and apply fingerprint technology to locks, making it a safe, flexible, stylish and convenient presence.

    2018/08/03 editor 160

  • Jewelry Box With Embedded Lock,Which Is Better ?

    Fipilock embedded lock support 2 opening methods.While retain the traditional key opening, the fingerprint lock adopts new fingerprint technology to make your fingerprint can be unlock it under 0.5 seconds

    2018/08/03 editor 150