• Use fingerprint locks to block sensible children

    0.5 seconds to read , not just say.While giving reason to children, parents can also use fingerprint locks to prevent children from making mistakes.

    2018/08/17 editor 229

  • Heard That The Recent Trip To Turkey Is Very POPULAR!

    While indulging in scenery, food, or other things, we must pay more attention to protecting ourselves.For example, like me, use a fingerprint backpack lock to work with you to defend against thieves.

    2018/08/17 editor 191

  • "Lock" what you love, "Lock" the future,WALSUN strategic agreement

    As China's leading fingerprint lock technology solution provider, Walsun has always advocated “changing life with creativity, serving the people with innovation”, focusing on fingerprint lock and embedded fingerprint lock technology

    2018/08/15 editor 221

  • You Should Change A Smart Fingerprint Locker Lock!

    Fipilcok fingerprint locker locks meet consumer needs in terms of safety and convenience. Moreover, for consumers, this locker lock can also be used flexibly . As a suitcase lock, a backpack lock, etc., it is also very fashionable and suitable.

    2018/08/13 editor 213

  • Fipilock ,Let Me Love The Feeling Of Going Home

    Fipilock fingerprint door lock can touch recognition 1 second unlock. And Fipilock is not just a door lock, it is portable , can also as fingerprint cabinet lock, luggage lock to protect your personal items.

    2018/08/10 editor 213