Product application for bag

Security and convenience are Fipilock smart padlock want to take every customers important thoughts . Using your fingerprint control is one of most important technology of Fipilock .

  • Fipilock fingerprint padlock , every padlock can save 12 sets fingerprint .High-tech fingerprint technology ,more quickly and more secure.:

When  having classes , go shopping  or a short trip ,and so on , in normally , in outdoor ,we all will carry a handbag or backpack or bags or other , so that we can  easily carry needed belongs . But  these also carry some safe questions , we have to prevent  stole . That is a question, but now Fipilock can take you more safe experience. Smart finger touch control are its one of important advantages. Small and portable made it can be widely used. For example,using Fipilock on our bag .on the one hand, it can protect our important personal belongs ,on the other hand, its delicate appearance can also be as a  decoration.