Product application for locker

Just need your finger touch unlock/lock,more secure,no computer /smartphone is need ,more convenient.

  • Fipilock fingerprint has delicate fashion appearance ,small and portable .It is a perfect security tool for outdoor sports.:

When we do  outdoor sports, we always carry some necessary personal belongs ,such as wallet ,bag, smartphone and so on .For example, when we go swimming with friends, we are always  worried about these personal belongs security. So almost every sport place  have lockers for customers using. We just need carry our small padlock and it did solve our question . But next boring questions is also  coming . If the padlock  is a traditional key padlock,most of person will forget or lost the key because of careless, looking for the lost item is a hard work . Even finally, we have to breakdown padlock . If you carry a bluetooth lock ,it is more convenient than key lock, but we have to operated it  through using smartphone . So ,how do you deal with the mobile phone? It is a question. How terrible ! Don't worry.This portable security tool can help us - Fipilock -can help us avoid the above problem. No computer/smartphone is need ,without key, You finger is unique security key and quickly 1 second unlock/lock.  Never worried about  and you just enjoy your time .