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Customized IC test fixture for QFP series Chips

With years of experience of designing and producing test fixture, KZT and ANDK fix the socket
onto customer’s existing product PCBA directly,no need layout,greatly reducing the
test cost,This kind of fixture can be widely used for the IC verification in the department
of ODE and semiconductor FAE.

Product data:
1.Applicable pitch :
0.25mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.65mm,0.8mm and so on
FR4/ PPS/ PEI/ Torlon/ Peek/ Peek + Ceramic
3.Applicable package:
BGA,QFP,QFN,WCSP and so on
4. Structure:
Double buckle,clamshell with knob,clamshell,
5.Contact type: probe(POGOPIN)
Product features:

1.According to customer's existing product PCBA, customized
individually,more close to the actual usage of the chips, no
need layout,delivery in shorter time,and greatly reducing the cost
2.Accumulated years of design experience, ensuring the IC
positioning precision,and at the same time, making the
disassembly and maintenance more convenient.
3.Probe can be replaced separately, reducing the cost
4.Scope of application:video card, mainboard, intelligent

communication and other digital product.

any questions,please contact with us.

Email: windy@andksocket.com



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