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MCU Adapter +socket soldering structure

Product data:

1.applicable pitch:≥0.7mm
4.Highest frequency:400MHz
5.Structure:double buckle,clamshell
6.Contact type:soldering+probe

Product features:
1.Adapter soldering onto the PCBA,then insert the socket
onto the adapter
2.There are two types to be chosen,clamshell and double
buckle,very easy to operate
3.The plate of cover use the spinning type,down
smoothly,ensure the force well-distributed and no shifting
4.The special head of probe can pierce the oxide layer of
balls,contact reliably,but no hurt to the ball
5.High precision positioning slot and the guide hole, ensure
the accuracy of testing
6.Probe can be replaced,easier maintenance and lower cost
7.Pin to pin structure,no need to soldering into through
holes,lowered the cost and difficulty of manufacture,and
shortened the time of manufacture
8.Because of the structure,the socket can be moved,and one
socket can be used for testing the same pitch and array
with different function,reducing the cost greatly.
9.Adapter and socket can be separated,it’s easy to
solder,customers can do it themselves,no need professionals to install

Any questions,please contact with me freely.

Email: windy@andksocket.com

MCU socket and PCB

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