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CASE 04 eMMC function test socket 

This is a eMMC153/169 test socket,eMMC IC is the JEDEC standard IC for NAND flash usage.

about the eMMC chip introduce,please check the following-from Wikipedia:

"The eMMC (embedded MMC) architecture puts the MMC components (flash memory plus controller) into a small ball grid array (BGA) IC package for use in circuit boards as an embedded non-volatile memory system. This is noticeably different from other versions of MMC as this is not a user-removable card, but rather a permanent attachment to the circuit board. eMMC also does not support the SPI-bus protocol.

Almost all mobile phones and tablets used this form of flash for main storage up to 2016, in 2016 UFS started to take control of the market. The latest version of the eMMC standard (JESD84-B51) by JEDEC is version 5.1 released February 2015, with speeds rivaling discrete SATA-based SSDs (400 MB/s)."

This socket is made to use on client' tablet pad PCB board to test the eMMC usage.

Clients Usage:

1.Put the eMMC153/169 IC into the socket,and close the socket clamshell.

2.contact the power and open it.

3.use their test software to check its eMMC chip performance.

If the emmc chip is not running well,the IC will be marked as the bad one.

It also have another usages,such as the function test,the analysis test, the good test and other special test.

If you have any requirements about this test socket,please contact with me.

Email: windy@andksocket.com



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