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intimate service ANDK socket service from the design to verify to produce to test to after-sale maintain.

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Why call it "intimate service"? What are the benefits of choosing us?

We provide the feasibility of product validation, design and development, production and processing, and then finished product quality testing and functional testing of the one-stop service, customers only need to provide relevant technical parameters of the IC and the test conditions required, Division I will be based on the relevant requirements of customers, the relevant test seat product structure design, the selection of raw materials. At the same time, confirm with the customer, whether to change the product's predetermined mechanical properties and electronic characteristics to meet customer requirements. Customers only need to verify the test requirements confirmed, the Division I will quickly transfer the information to the production department, arrange the relevant production processes. In the production process, the product will undergo strict quality control, from the three-tier quality control, to ensure high-quality output. At the same time, the new products, the relevant electrical and mechanical properties of the verification, to ensure that the customer's IC product testing requirements.

Our service aim:“fast and good,mass quantities with high quality, Competitive prices, providing high cost-effective products and services ”

How to do it?

company team situation

24 hours to serve you,to solve your problem.

In enterprise,professional technicians take up 40%,direct R&D staff take up 20%,among most of staff are high-ranking engineer with higher degree education and rich experience on IC test socket.

After years of hard work,we gain aseries of national invention patent and utility model patent about test socketadapter for integrated circuit.The enterprise always think highly of products quality as life!!
For guranteeing quality of prduct,enterprise is equipped with advanced production equipment and inspection device;we have realized standardized management of techenology and developingproduction and assemblyquality and inspectionburn in testthe process of mass production,in view of which,the products we produce enjoy a higher repution in home country and go abroad!!

How to do it fast?

a. Conventional IC test socket will be delivered within 24hours.
When you send us your IC information and the test condition, we will help you confirm our product to you according to your information. And provide the related conventional product drawing and specifications to you. When you confirm that,we will help you send it within 24 hours.
b. Customized IC test adapter will be confirmed its drawing and specification within 1-3days and produce it about 7-15 working days.
When you send us your IC information and the test condition, we will help you confirm its feasible and available. Then we will make a drawing to your company engineer to confirm its Function, Electronic characteristics and Mechanical properties whether it can meet your needs or not. When you confirm that,we will help you arrange its production right now, it will be ok about 7-15 working days. If you are urgent to get this product, please tell us, we will try to make it fast.

2.What is the information you need to provide to us?

a.The test IC datasheet: IC size, IC pins counts, IC pitch, IC frequency.
b.IC socket usage :IC function test, IC analysis test and burn in test
c.Burn-in test temperature test requirements
d.IC test socket construction requirements: Open-top and clamshell
Open top IC socket is for auto machine test, clamshell IC socket is for manual test.
For our clients,they will get many good benefits:
Firstly our product can meet your many ICs package and IC test requirements.
Secondly,it will help you reduce the cost.
Thirdly,high quality will help your company test get more exact result and make your plan smoothly.

Fourthly,one-step-station service help your work so easy.

Thanks & regards,
HongYI socket & windy
Email: windy@andksocket.com
※ Professional designer and manufacturer of the IC Burn-in Socket/Test Socket/programming adapter     
※ Professional designer and manufacturer of BGA/QFN/EMMC/EMCP/BGA/QFP/QFN/SOP/TSOP
  IC test fixture   
※ Professional designer and manufacturer of Ball Workcell/stencil
※ Professional PCB maintain service
※ Professional designer and manufacturer of IC open/short test board  and socket
※ Fast Producing line with great quality

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