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Except for R&D Team, we also have the Sales Team, Quality Assurance Team and After-sales Team.

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   Except for R&D Team, we also have the Sales Team, Quality Assurance Team and After-sales Team. 
   Amongst these teams, our After-sales Team is worthy of a detailed introduction.
   The real sale starts from after-sales.
   In view of this philosophy, our After-sales Team is consisted of the most excellent employees, who recognize the Company’s  corporate cultures and operation philosophies, and are well aware of the performances of each product in the Company. Meanwhile, they are hardworking, honest and upright. Moreover, they are a group of energetic and creative young people not only with great ambition but also with very strong executive power and strong responsibility.  
    You could expect an accurate delivery date within 2 - 24 hours after placing an order. They will keep tracking the packages of the goods and remind you of receiving and signing off such packages. In the event that there is feed back from the client that there is quality defects with our goods, such as crushed, or that any technical support is needed, they will respond within 24 hours and provide a solution within 48 hours. They will also assist you with any problem you encounter as this is their duty and they are happy to do so.      

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Shenzhen HongYi Electronics Co., Ltd.  is a technology-intensive high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, production and sales. 

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